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To celebrate an awesome weekend of sales, I am including 3 different items in today’s “10 Days of Jewelry” Sale! All three of these bracelets are best sellers for me! Just click on the photo, it will redirect you to that item on my website. No Coupon Code needed – items have already been changed to Sale Price!  Thanks so much for checking out all my daily sales for “10 Days of Jewelry”!

Sixlets, Set of 6 Hammered Sterling Silver Bracelets – Today Only- $92.00


Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Cuff – Today Only – $36.00


Hammered Sterling Silver Cuff – Today Only – $29.00


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Happy Manic Monday! All Monday’s are manic here in the Stargell house. Permission slips, lunch money, and lost shoes oh my! I love Monday’s because it is a school day, and I get a ton of time int he studio once I get the kids off to school.

I am excited to get into the studio today to check on the shipment of sterling silver scrap I sent in to the refinery. After just over 2 years of metalsmithing, I had over 14 ounces of scrap. With precious metal prices rising to record levels, it was time I traded that scrap in for some much-needed cashola!  Here is a pic of the scrap after I melted it all down and water and or salt/cast the molten silver.

My son and I sat on the back porch and cast the scrap pieces – mostly wire, small pieces of chain, and a bit of ruined sterling sheet. I took my torch out there, melted the silver on a 2×4, and poured the molten silver into a bucket of water. Some really cools formations came out of the water. We felt almost like archeologists looking at our “Finds”. It was an amazing way to spend some time with my son, Sam.  I will definitely do this again for designs elements.

After I check to  make sure the refinery received my scraps, I will be working on orders from the weekend. I have a cold,and kind of slacked yesterday.  I have a bunch of earrings, cuffs, and bangles to get made today. I love my job!

Wishing you all a not-s0-Manic-Monday!


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