A BIG Birthday –

Happy July everyone! Today my first-born turns 13!! Did you hear that?? THIRTEEN!  Happy Birthday Samuel – I am so proud of you! Here is a quick pic of the birthday boy – love you Sam!

Happy Birthday Sam!

AMAZING  Blog Feature

I was also featured on an Ashley Berthelot’s amazing blog  – Fancy Designs today.  Thanks so much Ashley for the kind words and sharing of my designs!

And the last thing before I am off to bake a chocolate/chocolate, vanilla/vanilla birthday cake!

HUGE SALE in ALL my sales venues!

Steph Stargell Designs on Etsy – 20% Off all items – Use coupon code “SummerSale2011” at checkout for your discount.

Steph Stargell Designs on Artfire –  20% Off all items – No coupon code needed – prices already reflect discount.

And on my website – Steph Stargell Designs – You will receive 20% Off and Free Shipping on all items – I will refund your discount via paypal upon checkout.


Wishing everyone a fun, happy, and safe 4th of July weekend!



1st Strawberries of the season!

Summer is finally here. How do I know? I know because we bought our first half flat of local strawberries yesterday. We have eaten half of them already, the rest will be gone today. I will be buying more for jam, recipes, and the freezer. There is nothing like a WA state strawberry – super sweet, red all the way through, and they always kick off summer here in the Pacific Northwest. We also bought bing cherries, nectarines, watermelon, and canteloupe yesterday. My kids love summer fruit and warm sunny days.

As it is finally summer, I must have my quarterly jewelry sale. Luckily, I have 3 venues now to buy from. I finished my new website  this week, my Artfire shop is fully stocked, and my Etsy shop is in full swing. All three venues are having sales. If you purchase from my website, you will receive a free pair of sterling silver hoops. If you purchase from Artfire, you will get an immediate 15% discount on your purchase. When buying from my Etsy shop, if you enter the coupon code “SummerSale2011” at checkout, you will receive a 20% discount off your items.

So, shop now for yourself, for birthdays, and for those upcoming special occasions.

Happy Summer 🙂



Happy Thursday morning 🙂 Just a quick update to let you know how to find me 🙂  My Etsy shop currently sits empty as I move all inventory to My Artfire Shop , and to my new website. I will be working on the new site all weekend, and hopefully debut it on Monday June 20th. If you are looking for my designs they are all available in the Artfire shop and you can also contact me at stephstargell@gmail.com . Thanks for your patience while all this moving around is taking place.



I just wanted to send a special “thank you” out to all those that have supported me the past several days in my “Open Letter to Etsy”. My Teamies from The Aspiring Metalsmiths, The Artisan Group, Facebook friends, and sellers from Artfire have been so supportive and encouraging. I truly appreciate all your advice, help, tweets, blog posts, and FB posts. I belong to a great community 🙂


I recently joined The Artisan Group, a promotion company that provides celebrities with swag bags at awards shows like the Emmys, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes. I will be participating in the Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Lounge this fall. I have been busy designing new pieces for the celeb’s gift bags, creating a display piece, and purchasing my materials for 110 bags. The Artisan Group’s Blog started a feature this week called “Artist Spotlight”. They chose to feature me this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Head on over to the TAG blog to read a bit more about me and my jewelry designs. Here are the pieces I picked as favorites for the blog feature!

Thanks so much TAG! I love being a member of this fabulous group 🙂


New stones!

Woohoo! I bought some new stones last week.  I love to shop for stones, both in person, and online.  There is something about looking at trays full of stones in person – trying to pick the perfect one, the best one of the lot, the stone you have been dreaming of. When buying online, it is sometimes harder to choose. You worry about if the seller is dependable, if they cut their own stones, are the colors correct on my monitor, are the backs polished.  Later this week I will show you a few of my favorite online stone cutters. For now, I will show you what I bought last week!

New ring-size labradorites. This just might be my favorite stone. I love the fire and the eye-catching color of labs – I have a lot of labs. Here are my newest – 4 round and 4 cushion cuts. Aren’t they fabulous?


And these smaller labradorite, citrine, and lapis lazuli cabochons for new versions of my posy spinning rings.

And other new larger cabochons for pendants, rings, and maybe a bracelet!  A fossil, a blue/gold tiger eye, a blue quartz, a couple of thundereggs, a bruneau jasper and others.  Soooo pretty! 

That’s all for today. But is was quite a feast for the eyes.

Have a happy day 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to check out my growing Artfire Shop! http://www.artfire.com/users/StephStargellDesigns

For some reason I am on the look out for any signs of spring.  On Monday, I was actually happy to see the gravel of our driveway. Really I was. The snow was finally melting off, I was able to take photos outside, and I started to feel the groove of spring. Well, that was Monday. Tuesday morning, more snow. It feels as if this winter has gone on forever.  Maybe that is why I picked out some spring colored stones to set?

A gorgeous pink rhodochrosite that reminds me of the apple and cherry blossoms that will hopefully soon appear in our orchard.

Rhodochrosite and Sterling Silver Necklace

And a gorgeous kelly green, grass in the middle of summer green, GREEN sea sediment jasper for your finger.  I love this stone. I have already set hot pink and cobalt blue pieces of this stone  into pendants for my Etsy shop. This time I went for a BIG ring!

Green Sea Sediment Jasper Cocktail Ring

And a fun and whimsical piece I made for the Aspiring Metalsmith’s Team February Challenge. I finished a bit late, so here it is. Spinning Posy – Sterling Silver and Labradorite Spinning Ring!!

Sterling Silver Spinning Posy Ring

Here is a link to a youtube video of the Posy ring in motion! 


To see these and all my other jewelry designs, go to my etsy shop – http://sstargell.etsy.com



There are so many stones, and as the old adage goes, so little time. For those of us crazy enough to make metalsmithing our lives, there are few things that make us drool, swoon, tear up,  gasp, and need a self-help group more than stones.  I belong to a great group of metal artists – The Aspiring Metalsmiths. We all love stones. We covet stones. We buy stones all the time, sometimes we even buy stones favorited by others in our team (always without malice). We just can’t help ourselves.

Because the only thing we love more than buying and collecting stones, it is looking at stones – gawking at stones – drooling over stones – pure stone porn I tell you!  It is an addiction. While we all still love our coffee, chocolate, and shoes – I think most of us love stones more. Our Team Blog Challenge for February is to show you, our readers/friends/teamies/buyers – our stone collections. I can’t wait to see all the beauties my teamie’s are hoarding in their studios. It is an addiction I tell you! Here are pics of some of my collection:

The Jaspers

The Agates

The “Ites” – all stones with names ending in “ite”

Koroit Boulder Opals

Misc. Stones – too many different stones to name

Labradorites – these get their own photo as they are one of my most favorite stones.

Faceted Gemstones – love all of these – maybe I should try setting one some day!

And a quick pick of some of my Favorite stones – well, for today anyway…

So, as you can see, I am quickly spending my kid’s inheritance on a big box o’rocks. Poor kids.

You can see some of my Aspiring Metalsmith’s teamie’s collections at their blogs, here is a list:

Autumn Bradley – http://www.autumnbradley.blogspot.com/
Clarity @ Scrollwork Designs – http://thesquarepegnation.blogspot.com/
Stacy Low – http://www.formandfunktionaccessories.blogspot.com
Chrissi Lynn Designs – http://www.chrissilynn.blogspot.com
Sylvia Anderson – http://www.sylviaanderson.blogspot.com/
Jessica @ Abella Blue – http://www.abellablue.com/blog
Contemporary Jewelry by Beatriz Fortes – http://cjbf.blogspot.com/
Esmeralda – http://jewelry-by-silverblueberry.blogspot.com/
Steph Stargell – http://www.stephstargell.com
Pennee – http://allwiredupjewelrydesigns.blogspot.com/
Silver Pearl Jewelry and Metalworks – http://silverpearlmetalworks.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/show-us-your-stones/#more-4
ArtistiKat – http://artistikat-scratchingpost.blogspot.com/
Claire – brightstar109.blogspot.com/

And always check http://aspiringmetalsmiths.blogspot.com/ for what is going on in and around our small world of stone loving metalsmiths.

You may see some of my stones in finished pieces by visiting my etsy shop, I listed 3 new pieces on Sunday at http://sstargell.etsy.com .

Thanks for visiting 🙂


I am a member of a great team on Etsy called “The Aspiring Metalsmith’s”.  I have no idea how many members there are now, but I do know that they are all extremely inspiring, caring, generous and talented. I have learned so much being a part of this team. We chat on the Etsy forums, and learn from each other every day. The Aspiring Metalsmith’s  have a blog at http://aspiringmetalsmiths.blogspot.com/   . One of members decided it would be fun to start a monthly blog challenge. I was all in for the challenge, as I am a wannabe frequent blogger and am trying to kick-start this new blog.

November’s blog challenge was to blog and show pics of our workbench. OUCH! Obviously, they didn’t know I create in utter chaos. Really I do. I like it that way. I feel more creative in clutter. I see things on the bench all mingled together and they talk to me, they show me how they want to be combined in new and interesting ways.  I cringed just thinking about letting photos of my bench out into universe.  I just knew that all my teammates would have magazine worthy organized benches and workspaces. So over the last week I have taken photo’s of my workbench (really just a big table) in various states of chaos.  Directly behind me is my corner desk with computer/printers/paperwork and my polishing table. I can’t show you that now, as it is covered in many of the 427 drawings my 5-year-old has made for me in the past week. 🙂


This is the left hand side last Thursday 11/4/10

This is the center of by bench last Thursday….

and the right hand side last Thursday…..


Left side Sunday 11/7/10

Right side on Sunday 11/7/10…..

NOW, for the GOOD – a nice picked up, swept up, and moderately organized bench as seen around noon today (11/9/10)

left hand side……

right hand side……

The bench only stayed this way for about an hour until I started  5 or 6 new pieces. I am happy that I did get it picked up, if only for a little while 🙂

Iwill be listing new items in my Etsy shop http://sstargell.etsy.com   by the weekend. Listed below are other team member’s blog posts about the challenge of showing off our benches!

Thanks so much for checking out our workspaces!

Happy Manic Monday! All Monday’s are manic here in the Stargell house. Permission slips, lunch money, and lost shoes oh my! I love Monday’s because it is a school day, and I get a ton of time int he studio once I get the kids off to school.

I am excited to get into the studio today to check on the shipment of sterling silver scrap I sent in to the refinery. After just over 2 years of metalsmithing, I had over 14 ounces of scrap. With precious metal prices rising to record levels, it was time I traded that scrap in for some much-needed cashola!  Here is a pic of the scrap after I melted it all down and water and or salt/cast the molten silver.

My son and I sat on the back porch and cast the scrap pieces – mostly wire, small pieces of chain, and a bit of ruined sterling sheet. I took my torch out there, melted the silver on a 2×4, and poured the molten silver into a bucket of water. Some really cools formations came out of the water. We felt almost like archeologists looking at our “Finds”. It was an amazing way to spend some time with my son, Sam.  I will definitely do this again for designs elements.

After I check to  make sure the refinery received my scraps, I will be working on orders from the weekend. I have a cold,and kind of slacked yesterday.  I have a bunch of earrings, cuffs, and bangles to get made today. I love my job!

Wishing you all a not-s0-Manic-Monday!