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I am a member of a great team on Etsy called “The Aspiring Metalsmith’s”.  I have no idea how many members there are now, but I do know that they are all extremely inspiring, caring, generous and talented. I have learned so much being a part of this team. We chat on the Etsy forums, and learn from each other every day. The Aspiring Metalsmith’s  have a blog at http://aspiringmetalsmiths.blogspot.com/   . One of members decided it would be fun to start a monthly blog challenge. I was all in for the challenge, as I am a wannabe frequent blogger and am trying to kick-start this new blog.

November’s blog challenge was to blog and show pics of our workbench. OUCH! Obviously, they didn’t know I create in utter chaos. Really I do. I like it that way. I feel more creative in clutter. I see things on the bench all mingled together and they talk to me, they show me how they want to be combined in new and interesting ways.  I cringed just thinking about letting photos of my bench out into universe.  I just knew that all my teammates would have magazine worthy organized benches and workspaces. So over the last week I have taken photo’s of my workbench (really just a big table) in various states of chaos.  Directly behind me is my corner desk with computer/printers/paperwork and my polishing table. I can’t show you that now, as it is covered in many of the 427 drawings my 5-year-old has made for me in the past week. 🙂


This is the left hand side last Thursday 11/4/10

This is the center of by bench last Thursday….

and the right hand side last Thursday…..


Left side Sunday 11/7/10

Right side on Sunday 11/7/10…..

NOW, for the GOOD – a nice picked up, swept up, and moderately organized bench as seen around noon today (11/9/10)

left hand side……

right hand side……

The bench only stayed this way for about an hour until I started  5 or 6 new pieces. I am happy that I did get it picked up, if only for a little while 🙂

Iwill be listing new items in my Etsy shop http://sstargell.etsy.com   by the weekend. Listed below are other team member’s blog posts about the challenge of showing off our benches!

Thanks so much for checking out our workspaces!

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